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Spiritual Properties

Clear quartz is a powerful crystal with a unique energy that has both restorative and amplifying effects. It's a popular addition to crystal grids as it can enhance the effects of other stones. Clear quartz can clear and activate all chakras, while also purifying the physical and energetic bodies.

One of the most notable benefits of clear quartz is that it enhances mental clarity and promotes emotional stability. This makes it a favoured stone for meditation and restorative practices. Additionally, it can be used for manifestation as it helps bring more focus and clarity to your goals. Clear quartz also has a protective quality, and it is thought to amplify psychic abilities while providing insight into situations and oneself.

To keep clear quartz working effectively, it is important to charge the crystal regularly. You can cleanse and charge clear quartz by placing it under moonlight or soaking it in water. This ensures that it continues to deliver the benefits it is known for.


Weight- 84 grams

Clear Quartz Heart

$40.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price


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