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Meaning:- Known as the "wisdom keeper," Lapis Lazuli is believed to possess the capacity to illuminate the mind and contribute to self-awareness.

Healing Properties:- Recognised for its ability to stimulate the third eye chakra, this crystal is acclaimed for creating an environment that promotes inner peace, clarity, and the development of a profound mind-body-spirit connection.

Protection:- Lapis Lazuli is celebrated for its protective qualities, shielding its wearer from negative energies and ensuring tranquillity and harmony in their surroundings.

Usage: Employed in various forms such as jewellery and talismans, Lapis Lazuli is frequently utilized in meditation to enhance spiritual exploration. It is also popular in crystal therapy for facilitating emotional healing.

Care:- To maintain Lapis Lazuli, it is advisable to cleanse it under running water, charge it in the light of the moon, and keep it away from harsh chemicals to preserve its vibrant blue colour and potent energies.

Star Sign- Sagittarius


Weight- 76grams


Measurements- (L) 8.1cm x (W) 2.2cm


Each new piece will vary in size, pattern and colours. Photos above are just an example of my stock.

Lapis Lazuli Pencil Point

$60.00 Regular Price
$48.00Sale Price


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