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The Unveiling: With anticipation building, you'll reach into the container, guided solely by your instincts. The gemstone you retrieve will be yours to keep, and its properties and energies may hold a special significance in your life. Whether it's the soothing energy of amethyst, the grounding strength of hematite, or the uplifting vibes of citrine, your gemstone will resonate with you on a personal level.


Each gemstone chosen through intuition becomes a part of your unique journey. Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, protection, or simply the joy of owning a beautiful gem, the gemstone you select will become a cherished companion on your path.

Mixed Tumbled Lucky Dip

SKU: 366615376135191
$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price


  • Each lucky dip will be to the value of $5-25

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