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Fluorite is often known as the "Genius Stone" for its remarkable ability to dispel mental fog, paving the way for clarity and new ideas to emerge.

This crystal is believed to absorb and dissolve negative energy and stress, promoting positivity, balancing energies, and enhancing physical and mental coordination and balance.

Renowned for its protective and stabilizing qualities, Fluorite shields one's aura from external manipulation, guarding against psychic interference.

Fluorite can be utilised in various forms, including jewelry, meditation, or simply placed in a room, to enhance focus, support learning, and protect against electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

To cleanse and recharge fluorite, it is advised to use sage or palo santo smoke or place it on a selenite charging plate, avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.


Weight- 98 Grams

Measurements- (L) 7.7cm x (W) 2.4cm


Each new piece will vary in size, pattern and colours. Photos above are just an example of my stock.

Rainbow Fluorite

$35.95 Regular Price
$28.76Sale Price


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