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Meaning: Smoky Quartz, a type of quartz with brownish-grey hues, signifies detoxification and balance, acting as a potent grounding stone that anchors individuals in the present moment.


Healing Properties: Recognized for its broad healing properties, Smoky Quartz nurtures, neutralizes negative energies, eases anxiety, and enhances physical and emotional well-being.


Protection: Serving as a shield against negativity, Smoky Quartz absorbs electromagnetic pollution, blocks geopathic stress, and provides protection from harmful energies.


Usage: Smoky Quartz can be worn as jewelry, placed in homes or offices for Feng Shui purposes, and used as a tool for redirecting negative energy into the ground.


Care: To maintain its effectiveness, Smoky Quartz should be regularly cleansed with water and mild soap, shielded from prolonged sunlight exposure, and recharged alongside Clear Quartz or cleansed with sage.

Smoky Quartz Chip Bracelet

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