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No joke, I’ve had hundreds of readings in my life. Hundreds! This reading would be probably the best I’ve ever had! The absolute best. To the littlest details. So much stuff going on it my life & every detail was picked up. The way that the message is delivered is so kind & compassionate yet so accurate. I’m blow away & can’t even begin to explain how phenomenal the reading was. Thank you so much Jess x

Kate Atwal

Jess is such a beautiful soul, I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful reading from her. She made me feel safe & her energy is really lovely. She provided a very detailed and accurate reading. Highly recommend if you are looking for someone to make you feel comfortable & help you to gain clarity in your life. Thanks so much Jess

Annathuy Pham

I was going through a lot of hard times and Jess gave me clarity and made me feel better in my decision making . I wasn't sure which direction I should go because I had a lot of fear in myself. I was scared of failure, loneliness, being unsucessful, financial security (you name it). Through free readings and private readings, Jess made me feel comfortable and I've always felt better each time Jess spoke to me. Jess is a very warm person, respectful and understanding person. I recommend Jess to anyone who are searching for answers through rough times. I look forward to another private readings with Jess in the future.”
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