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Unleash the Magic with Our Mystery Boxes! Are you ready to add a touch of enchantment to your life? Dive into our mystery boxes filled with crystals, handmade spiritual products, jewellery, and mystical treasures. Whether you're a crystal aficionado, a lover of all things sparkly, or a witch at heart, our mystery boxes are designed to delight.


Each box is a surprise, but you can expect to find crystal towers, stones, sun catchers, healing sets, aromatherapy, bath salts, incense, and more! Plus, our pricier boxes feature premium items like large generator towers, larger candles, tealight candles, witchy decor, tarot, oracle and affirmation cards. 


Want to personalize your box? Let us know your favorite colours, star sign, healing needs, or preferred crystals at checkout, and I'll do my best to tailor your mystery box to your preferences. While I can't make any guarantees (it is a mystery box, after all!), I'll strive to make you happy.


Photos and videos of potential combinations of products. Every mystery box will be different!


Please note that our mystery boxes may be shipped as parcels to ensure safe delivery, but rest assured, each item will be carefully wrapped to protect its magic on its way to you.

Mystery Box



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